Application Process

Rotary Youth Exchange District 9640 is registered with both Queensland and New South Wales Education Authorities to provide Secondary Student Exchange Programs.

The first step in becoming either a short or long term Rotary Youth Exchange Student is completing an online expression of interest form (if applications are not yet open) or an application form if applications are open.

This official application that the student needs to complete obtains the following details which are then made available to the potential host Rotary district and club:

  • Personal particulars and background
  • General information relating to the applicant – who they are, what their interests are, why they want to go on exchange.
  • Applicant’s school activities
  • Principal/school reference report and school transcript
  • Medical and dental reports
  • Endorsement of sponsoring Rotary club and district
  • Guarantee form signed by applicant and parents
  • Signed rules and conditions of exchange.
  • Copy of current Passport with at least six months validity from the proposed return date (i.e. 18 months after departure)

The Long Term Application Process

All long term students must be sponsored by a Rotary club in order for the exchange to be possible. Once received, application forms are sent to an appropriate Rotary club/clubs in District 9640, located near to the student’s home. To provide the student with the best chance of selection, the application may be sent to more than one club. The Club’s Youth Exchange Officer will then arrange an interview for the student and their parents with a selection committee from the club. Successful applicants who progress through this initial club interview are then referred to the District Youth Exchange Committee for a more comprehensive interview.

At the district interview, students will take part in a group interview with other students as well as a panel interview with the youth exchange committee. At least one parent/guardian must also attend for an interview. This process usually takes around three hours and usually takes place at Ashmore on the Gold Coast. During the interviews students will have the opportunity to discuss their preferred countries and why they have chosen them.

Students who successfully pass the District Interview are then formally accepted into the Youth Exchange Program, and will be invited to attend two compulsory orientation briefings prior to their departure. If the student is unable to attend both of these briefings they will not be able to go on exchange. The District Youth Exchange Committee will then form an agreement with another international district and Rotary club to host the student.

Students are advised of their host country at the first orientation camp in August.

The Short Term Application Process

The short term application process is similar to the long term process except:

  • students nominate only one country to go on exchange to from a limited selection.
  • the first and only interview is with the district committee, not the host club. Members of the host club are invited to attend the district interview instead.
  • Once the student has been accepted by the D9640 committee we then need to match you with your exchange buddy from your host country who you will do the family swap with. Confirming the exchange is reliant on there being an available and suitable exchange buddy in your host country.

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