YEAH + YEO Portal

Youth Exchange Administrative Hub ( YEAH)

The Youth Exchange Administrative Hub (YEAH) is the administration database used by Rotary Youth Exchange committees around the world to manage youth exchange, including sharing student details between sponsor and host districts and clubs, and managing student reporting.

YEAH houses important information used by the committee and YEO’s including Student, Host and Volunteer Information, Student and Host Family photos, the Contact Directory, Applications and Reporting Documents, and Arrival and Departure Notifications.

To access the YEAH database, you first need to be registered as a volunteer. YEAH can only be accessed on your desktop computer, not via an app.

To learn more about YEAH, click here.

YEO Portal

The YEO (Youth Exchange Officer) Portal is essentially a smaller and more portable version of YEAH. Data is available from the portal, but not documents.

The YEO Portal web based portal and an app that includes information for Club Youth Exchange Officers (YEOs) on inbound students, outbound students and host families, such as arrival confirmations, monthly counsellor reports, host family change reports, home visit/interview reports and follow-up visit reports.

To access the YEO Portal, you first need to be registered as a volunteer.

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