Rules for students

Rotary Youth Exchange in District 9640 is run in accordance with the policy of Rotary International.

Students are required to adhere to the laws of the host country at all times, as well as the rules of the program, as defined by both the host and sponsoring districts. These are based on common sense and relate to personal behaviour, safety and the expectations of being an ambassador for their country, their family, themselves and Rotary.

Some important rules to note:

  • Students must return to Australia on completion of the exchange by the most direct route as arranged by the district committee.
  • All students are required to attend a secondary level school for the duration of the exchange. This is a requirement of your student visa, even if you have completed year 12 before leaving.
  • Students may not travel alone or with others students without adult supervision. All travel must be approved by the host and sponsor District Chair, host club and the student’s parents.
  • Students must attend all orientation briefings prior to departure. This is mandatory.
  • Students are not permitted to drive motor vehicles at any time, even if they have a license from their home country. Students are not permitted to drink or take drugs, and doing so may result in the early termination of their exchange.
  • Any costs due to the student’s early return home or any unusual costs incurred by or on behalf of the student are the responsibility of the student’s parents.

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